Top Music Distribution Companies in South Africa

music distribution companies in South Africa

Distribution, be it digital or physical is one thing that most artists and start-up labels struggle with.

There are plenty of music distributors on the global market to choose from but the whole vetting process can be overwhelming.  However, I have made things easier for you so you don’t have to scratch your head and wonder Where can I find a reputable distributor?

I have compiled a shortlist of music distribution companies in South Africa that you might want to check out.

Some of these companies offer all forms of media distribution including digital. You just have to find out which one is suitable for your business.

So without any further delay, let’s go through the list.

Electromode Ingrooves

Electromode (now known as Electromode Ingrooves) has been around since 2001. They started off as a traditional record label but in recent years they changed their business model and focused on providing additional services for aspiring and Independent artists.

Some of these services include graphic design, public relations, social media marketing, digital and physical distribution (Yes they still do physical distribution).  

According to their website, they are iTunes accredited. In other words, they directly supply iTunes with music and not via a third-party aggregator. That’s impressive.

It might be a process to have your music distributed through their channels because they have worked (and still do) with some of the biggest names in South Africa. But I would definitely give them a shot.

Music Africa

Music Africa is a digital distributor located in Ferndale and the business model is simple.

You sign up and pay them R299 per year upfront for each release. To round it off that’s R300 or R25 per month!

Any committed artist or label should be able to come with that amount.

But what do you get in return?

They distribute your music not only in South Africa but globally but you retain 100% of the royalties and music rights.

Red Revolution

Red Revolution is media Distribution Company situated in Randburg.

Similar to Electromode, their team has a wealth of industry experience, that’s over 50 years to be precise. That’s a huge number.

They provide services such as mobile, digital and physical distribution across South Africa, Sub-Sahara and the rest of the world.

If you still have a market for CD’s, DVD’s; they can help to manufacture and distribute your product to big brick and mortar stores across the country.   


Nazwo Digital specializes in digital distribution, music licensing and publishing.

The application process is pretty much straight forward. You submit your final master copy and they will take care of the rest.

According to their website, they distribute to 200 stores worldwide including MTN Nigeria, Shazam, Traxource, et cetera.  

However, their vetting system and requirements are not so clear. Should you be interested and keen to know more, you can contact them directly on their website.


Nextereo is not your traditional distributor in the true sense. They operate as a fully-fledged Independent company.

Their core competencies are producing and marketing music (the label business). But they have formed key partnerships globally via their distribution network.

As an Independent artist or label, they might offer a better perspective before releasing your music.

Say you don’t have the confidence to release music at this stage; you can submit your demo to them for assessment.

Some of their services include mastering and preparing your tracks for distribution. Depending on your goals, needs and budget, you have different options to work with.


Before committing yourself to any deal, make sure that you go through the terms of the agreement.

Take your time, even if it means enquiring from all five distributors before making a final decision.

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