November 28, 2020

SAMRO Registration for Artists

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Are you a songwriter or a music producer and would like to know how to earn royalties from your music?

Well in this short article I will show you how you can do that. But this post is for the aspiring/newbie artist and therefore I’ll only be focusing on SAMRO registration for music creators.

So let’s begin but before we do, let me answer the following question for you. 

What is SAMRO?

SAMRO is the acronym for Southern African Music Rights Organization. The organization operates as a non-profit organization and has been in existence since 1961.

Samro’s job is to administer the performing works on behalf of composers, authors and music publishers. But you have to be member first in order to enjoy the long term benefits.

With the definition now out of the way, let me explain to you….

How SAMRO works

SAMRO issues a music license to anybody (Individuals and businesses) who wants to use music for commercial purposes.

Say you have a pub, a shopping mall or restaurant and you intend to play music at your establishment, then you would need to apply for a license with SAMRO.

The same goes for broadcasters (Radio Stations and Television Studios), live music venues and promoters – they all need permission from Samro.

After issuing these licenses, samro collects all monies generated from all the mentioned businesses and they would then distribute the funds accordingly to all registered members as royalties.

How to register your music with SAMRO

Now before you get carried away, I must state that samro registration does not mean automatic membership approval (I’ll explain this shortly).

There is a difference between samro registration and samro membership. But for the purpose of this blog post (like I mentioned earlier), we will focus on how to register your works with samro.

By works I’m referring to your compositions (lyrics, instrumentals, beats, and so forth).

Please note when you visit the samro website, click on the MUSIC CREATOR LINK and not user.

I have included a screenshot below to illustrate my point just in case you’re lost.

samro home page

In order to register your works with Samro, you would have to do the following (in that sequence):

  • Download four formsA membership application form, a dead of Assignment form, a notification of works form and the Banking details form
samro regisration forms screenshot
  • Then you should fill out all those forms and initial each page.
  • When that is done then you should send back all the forms to samro with a certified copy of your ID via email, fax or you can personally drop off all the documents at their offices in Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Samro recommends that you contact them after four weeks in order to check the status of your application.  

I mentioned not so long ago that samro membership is not automatic. Well that’s because Samro recommends that your work(s) has to be active first.

For example say you register songs which are currently (or previously) play-listed (on radio stations) or performed live at a major event that should increase your chances of being a member.

But the final decision lies with the board which meets four times in a calendar year to review and approve memberships. 


Samro registration is neither difficult nor complicated. If you have original compositions that you have worked on then it is important to register your works for peace of mind.

And Samro is the only and recognized body in Southern Africa which ensures that all monies are collected from music users and distributed to music creators in the form of royalties.