What does DALRO stand for?

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I previously wrote blog posts covering all the major collection societies in the South African Music Industry.

But I’m not done just yet. In this post we will take a look at the role of DALRO and how they fit in the entertainment and arts sector.

This is a short post though and will only answer the above the question. I wrote the following strictly to inform the reader about the organization but without going out of context. So as promised I’ll start by answering the following…….

What is DALRO?

DALRO is short for Dramatic, Artistic and Literary Rights Organization. According to their website, they operate as multipurpose copyright society.

What this means in simple English is that they license copyrights of behalf of their clients, namely authors, artists and publishers.

For example if you have a business and want to use musical works at your establishment, you could approach DALRO and they would link you with their sister organization, SAMRO.

Now authors, artists and publishers in this context include those involved in musical theater/plays, writers (including songwriters, poets), musicians and visual artwork.

DALRO would then administer the reprographic reproduction rights (from published editions), public performance rights (such as stage plays) and reproduction rights (publishing and copying).

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