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If you want to be successful in the music industry then you should first ensure that your paperwork is in order. The following blog post will look into the relevant SAMRO Forms that you should download and submit.

I’m assuming that you know what stands SAMRO for, if not please the read the previous article I wrote.


Vericast Upload work instructions: This form will give you the instructions on how to upload your music catalogue on the samro system. You can upload your audio tracks one by one (which is recommended by SAMRO by the way).

 Download this form if you intend to submit your music online and it will take you through all the steps from start to finish.

Client Update form: If it so happens that you change your surname (or name), email address, phone number or physical address, you can download this form, update your details and email it back to them.

Banking details update: This is pretty much self-explanatory. On the samro website there are two types of forms (local and foreign). You should download the one applicable to you. For example if you are located in South Africa it wouldn’t make sense to download the foreign bank form update right?

WTRD Declaration form: WTRD is short for Withholding Tax on Declaration. This form is completed by the foreign person to or for the benefit of which royalty is paid (exemption from/reduced tax rate).

member updates forms


Composer split samro forms: Say you co-produced a track with three other producers/composers then will need to fill out this form by including the following information:

Composer full names, contribution (lyrics, melody, etc.) and the percentage that each person should receive from the composition. 

Notification of works samro forms: If you have songs that you have written and/or produced (released or unreleased), you should register your work on the samro database by downloading the notification of works form. You need to have the entire information ready which includes but not limited to the following:

  • Title of the work (song)
  • Track duration
  • Performing artist/group, etc.

Membership application form: In order to receive samro benefits, you have to be member. I must state, SAMRO application does not equal to automatic membership. It’s a process.

But you should still apply for membership. You can do so by downloading the composer/author membership forms. Application for membership is free of charge by the way.

Deed of assignment form: This basically an agreement of copyright between you (composer/author/publisher) and the organization, being samro.

samro membership application screenshot


Composer, Author, Publisher Notification of works form: If you are publishing your own music then you have to download these forms. Music publishers can also register works on behalf of clients (musicians).

Deed of Assignment form: An agreement between you (the publisher) and samro (the organization).

Publisher Membership Form: If you want to register as music publisher you need to have a registered company and a business bank account.

music publisher forms


Death before retirement notification form: Applicable to existing samro members when amending details

Retirement notification form: Applicable to samro members when amending personal details

Withdrawal/transfer notification form: Same as above

benefit forms screenshot


Don’t forget that you can download all the mentioned forms on the link below.

14 thoughts on “SAMRO Forms – Checklist

    1. Hi There

      You must register your songs by completing the SAMRO Forms. You can download the forms on the SAMRO website as explained on this article. When you’re done you can email them or deliver the forms personally at the SAMRO offices.

      I hope that helps

    1. Yes, most radio stations will not accept your music without proper presentation/information.

      You need a printed CD (sample) with all the track information including credits (full names of composers and authors, etc)

  1. Hey am Isa kabiine I wanted to register my songs with same but the problem am foreigner which got no southafrican ID BUT ASYLUM,i don’t know weather I can get any help or advice.thanks guys

    1. Hi Paseka

      You have to register with SAMRO not us.

      All the details including links and the SAMRO address is available on the article.

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