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Are you looking for Capasso forms? In this blog post, we will take a look at the different forms that need you – whether you want to start an online radio station, music publishing or broadcast music videos etc.   

Relevant CAPASSO Forms

If you are not familiar with Capasso and what they do, please read the previous article so you can get a better understanding.

Licensing Forms

Digital Licensing Application: If you are planning on starting your own digital service such as online music distribution (downloads or ringtones) or online radio station you have to apply for a digital license with Capasso.

You would need to provide the following documents along with the digital license application form:

  1. A company presentation
  2. A business plan
  3. A 12 month projection which includes CAPASSO percentage
  4. A Marketing Plan
  5. The status of the master rights/Needletime licensing if applicable

Transactional License Application: Say you are planning on manufacturing and distributing your own albums independently. Then you would have to notify capasso in order for them to collect and distribute mechanical royalties back to all the composers and songwriters that you featured on your project.

On the form you have to supply the following information:

  • Artist Name/Band Name
  • Your record label VAT # (If you are a registered SARS VAT vendor)
  • Your album details including the quantity of CD’s and DVD’s manufactured the price per product.
  • Manufacturer details
  • And the method of sale (Online, private or physical retail)   

Broadcast License Application: All broadcasters including TV Channels need a license to showcase music videos.  

If you are planning to launch your own TV Station from scratch or a music channel on an existing platform such as the SABC or DSTV you should download and complete this form.  

Production Music Rate Card: This form is basically a breakdown of what you should expect to pay as a music user when CAPASSO grants you the license.

Production Music Cue Sheet: A music cue sheet is a document that allows collection societies such as CAPASSO to track the use of music in movies and television.

Capasso Membership Forms

Notification of works:  This is pretty much self-explanatory – every song that you have composed/written (released or unreleased) should be registered with capasso.

The following information is required:

But you have to apply for capasso membership first before submitting the notification of works form(s).


All the mentioned capasso forms can be downloaded on their website (you can find the link below). On the forms you will also find detailed information, instructions and their contact details.

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2 thoughts on “CAPASSO Forms

  1. This is Mzontsundu Mneno in Cape Town and i ‘m an artist i ‘m already registered at samro my stage is Mzo Mneno and the track called ‘Love me this time’.This song is on social musical platforms since march 2020 so i want to know how can i get royalties from the sales. My email

    1. Hi Mzo

      How long have you been a SAMRO member?

      SAMRO collects funds/licence fees from businesses such as pubs, shopping malls, retail shops, broadcasters, etc and distributes them as performance rights royalties to members.

      If your song is shared and downloaded (for free) on social media, you won’t receive any royalties unfortunately from SAMRO. On the other hand, if your music is sold on platforms such as iTunes you can earn mechanical royalties provided that your music is registered with CAPASSO.

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