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Label Worx is one of the leading digital music aggregators in the world. The company has been around since 2007 and they have grown to become one of the best in the game (especially within the dance music fraternity).

If you are looking digital distribution partner, I will explain to you how easy it is to sign up with Label Worx.

Although the company is synonymous with dance music, they distribute all genres. So let’s get started.

Why you should sign up with Label Worx

I came across Label Worx in March 2012 when I was searching for a music distributor for my then digital label.

Prior to that, I was doing self-distribution on the now defunct websites, and

I’ll tell you why it’s a good idea to sign up with Label Worx (By the way I’m not getting paid to write about them)

  • Great Professional service
  • You keep 88 % of your royalties
  • Accurate accounting and sales statements
  • As soon as you submit an Invoice your royalties are transferred to you almost immediately
  • They don’t charge you a distribution fee for each single, EP or album that you release
  • The company is trusted by established labels in the dance industry
  • You can release as many projects as possible
  • Your contract won’t be terminated if your projects fail to sell.
  • Label Worx distributes to almost any digital store that you can think of (globally).

They offer additional services such as:

Promo Worx: It’s a platform for labels and artists to promote music to their promo lists. You basically need to have a list of contacts such as radio pluggers, music bloggers, journalists, DJ’s, producers you name it. They charge you a small fee for this service though.

Royalty Worx: It’s a cloud based accounting system that you can use to manage all your royalties under one roof.

Mix and Master: Before you release your music commercially, ensure that the project is properly mixed and mastered. If you can’t find a trusted sound engineer, you can submit your material to Label Worx and they will do this for you (at a small fee of course).

Demo Worx: If you don’t want to receive demos from artists via email, you can simply use the demo worx functionality.

With that being said, here’s how you can sign up for the above services.

Signing up with Label Worx

Visit their website and once you land on the home page, click on the “sign up” tab. You need to add your personal details (Full Names and email address) and state whether you are signing up as an artist, label or other. “Other” can be a sub-distributor, music marketer, etc.

label worx sign up
label worx personal details

Next you have to select type of service(s) that you require (Distribution, Promo Worx, Royalty Worx, Mix and Master or Demo Worx).


Then you have to supply your label information and distribution plan/schedule until you get to step number 5.

Note: This information is only required if you sign up for a distribution service.

distribution services

When you’re done, you will receive an email confirmation regarding the status of your application.


Getting your music distributed online is not hard in this day and age. You just need to find a reliable distributor and you’re set. But hopefully I have made things easier and saved you from a lot of frustration.

Thank you for taking the time read.

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