Are Monitor Speakers worth it?

monitor speakers

This article was originally published by the same author on 3/10/18

If you are in the process of setting up your own recording studio, you need a good pair of monitor speakers (to compliment your skills and knowledge) to help you create high-quality recordings.

Don’t take short cuts and think that you can use hi-fi speakers instead, that won’t work. And you will be doing yourself a huge disservice.    

In the following blog post I’ll explain to you the value of purchasing monitor speakers for your studio.

Here’s why you need monitor speakers

During the mixing and mastering process, monitor speakers will you a clear indication of what is happening within your mix (If you are a music producer or sound engineer you should be familiar with the term “mix” or “mixdown”)

These speakers offer a flat frequency response so your mix fairs well on any system (headphones, car audio, hi-fi speakers, etc.) and the sound is usually raw.

Hi-Fi speakers typically offer a pleasant audio experience and the sound is usually colourful and ready-made.

Studio monitors allow you add and subtract in frequencies in the recording during playback. If you were to use hi-fi speakers, you would be able to pick up most of these things.

Passive and Active Studio monitors

Powered speakers often referred to as Active Monitors come with a built-in amplifier. Most home recording studios use active monitors because they are bi-amplified so you don’t need an additional amp. Passive speakers are monitors which require an external amplifier in order to function.

Where Can I Find Good Studio monitors for sale in SA?

There are plenty of suppliers that stock studio monitors. If you are just starting out and you happen to be on a tight budget, I would recommend the Hybrid HF5 or HF6, Monkey Banana Gibbon Air or Gibbon 5 series.

The Monkey Banana Gibbon Air specifically is easy on the pocket and ideal for the basic home studios.

But remember not to only focus on the cost alone but rather go for studio monitors which are suitable for the intended purpose.

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