How can I find a talent manager?

how to be a talent manager
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Are you looking for a talent manager? Well I’ll assume that you are hence you landed on this page.

But since I don’t have all the answers, I’ll tell you a true story.

A few years ago, fresh out of high school, I was idling and didn’t really know what to do with my life.  Then one day a childhood friend of mine told me that he had aspirations of breaking into the music industry but didn’t have access to a recording studio let alone the funds to record a demo.

I told him that I knew someone who had some sort of a makeshift studio and that he wouldn’t mind to helping him out. So I set up a meeting between the two and few weeks later I accompanied my friend so he could finally record his demo.

When we met at the taxi rank, my friend came along with another friend of his and said she would be helping out with backing vocals supposedly.

We finally arrived at the studio after hours tired (it was hot that day and we walked to the studio) but everyone was fired up as soon as we saw the computer, microphone, monitors, lol.

The session started and my producer friend played a beat and everyone in the room went crazy.

Now it was time to work!

But there was one problem – my friend (the one who was eager to record his demo) suddenly had a writer’s block!! I couldn’t believe it. The producer played that beat for close to an hour but he still couldn’t come up with anything.

The young lady who came with us (the “backing vocalist”) decided to step up to the plate and wrote the lyrics and recorded the entire song with ease.  And I was blown away! (In fact we were all blown away).

When the session was done, it was time to go home. On my way home I couldn’t get her beautiful voice out of my mind and I didn’t want such talent to go to waste.

Two years later I approached her and volunteered to be her talent manager. We worked together without any issues for about a year until I got her a recording deal with an Independent label (l won’t mention the artist’s name or label).

The deal didn’t go to well but she later signed up with another talent management company with better connections and resources.

Although she might not be regarded as a “big” artist, she’s doing better than before.

In Conclusion  

A talent manager finds you (in most cases that is how things work). You can phone and email established artist managers all day long but chances are they won’t deal with you at all.

Instead, you should market your music as hard as you can without worrying about an artist manager. If you are talented and resilient enough, the probability is that you will attract interest not only from record labels but from artist managers as well. So put in the work first and the rest will take care of itself.

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