What is the SAMRO Foundation all about?

samro foundation
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As an Independent musician you’re most probably familiar with SAMRO the performance rights body – But did you know the about the SAMRO Foundation?

If you don’t, this blog post will explain to you what the samro foundation is all about.

I first became aware of this foundation in 2013 while visiting the samro head offices to register some of my musical works.

I picked up the pamphlet, skimmed it a bit so I could gain some clarity.


The SAMRO Foundation is a registered no-profit organization which operates independently from its mother body, The South African Music Rights Organization.

The foundation was established to manage the corporate social investment and music education programs on behalf of SAMRO.

The main purpose of the foundation is to help sponsor arts organizations and as well as assisting talented composers and musicians with bursaries.

According to their website, SAMRO has already invested over 100 million ZAR in more than 50 years supporting the South African landscape through bursaries, scholarships, commission and preservation of South African music heritage.

How to apply for a samro music bursary

Samro will only sponsor students that are already registered at a South African University from the second year on.

If you have registered for music degree or programme then you are eligible to proceed, and you will need to submit the following along with your application:

  • Copy of ID Document
  • Proof of registration at University
  • Examination results or most recent academic record (university transcript)
  • Letters of reference from current university lecturers (not older than 3 months)
  • For Master’s degree applicants – one reference letter from your supervisor & a five to eight page synopsis of your thesis. Please note that this bursary does not cover any coursework or Master’s degree recitals.

Further Information regarding music bursaries can be found on the samro foundation website.

2 thoughts on “What is the SAMRO Foundation all about?

  1. So as an independent artist who isn’t schooling but just started his label………….what can I benefit from Samro’s funding?

    1. Hi

      If you have earned royalties amounting to R5000 or more in the pas year, you can benefit from the fund.

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