Luie V Releases His Hit Song “Ngiyazifela”,featuring Tarenzo Bathathe!

Luie V - Ngiyazifela

Luie V is back!

He has just dropped the long- anticipated hit song “Ngiyazifela” featuring the
talented producer Tarenzo Bathathe!

The single, a chilled love Amapiano track, displays Luie V’s unique multi-lingual talents and
song writing abilities. The single “Ngiyazifela” is from his Debut Album.

The song snippets received amazing love across the African continent and abroad, as the
song carries the beautiful /universal message of… Luie V is dedicated to push this song on a
larger scale by matching this concept with the superb/ground-breaking ideas of his
accomplished producer, Tarenzo, which adds incomparable and top-notch flavour.

This song aims to bring a message of love, hope and inspiration, and it gives the assurance that love
conquers all. The message is that love should be unconditional and everyone should be
treated with respect.

Luie V has been around delivering hit after hit, and collaborated with the likes of TwinzSpin,
Bravo Le Roux, AngaZz, Lorenzo, Veroni, Marco no Mlungu, ikamva and many acclaimed
artists and producers.

You can Download or Stream the song here:
Luie V feat Tarenzo Bathathe – Ngiyazifela

Track Details:

Artist: Luie V (feat. Tarenzo Bathathe)

Song Title: Ngiyazifela 

Authour(s): Luvuezo João Antonio 

Composer: Tarenzo Wisani

ISRC Code: ZA–I1C–22-00004

SAMRO  Number: 2375409

Publisher: SAMRO

Record Label: Superstar Records

Get in touch with Luie V:
Instagram @its_luie.v
Facebook: @Luie_V
Cell/Whatsapp 0685858171

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