Due to the overwhelming requests that we have been getting from Independent artists, managers and producers ad so forth, we have decided to create a section for artist features.

If you are an artist/musician or producer and would like to promote your music (single, EP, Album, etc), you’re welcome to send us your project.

These are the requirements:

  • 1 x Artist Bio/press release and additional info in MS Word or pdf (300 words minimum)
  • 1 x High Resolution Artwork (maximum two) in png or jpg format (1000 x1000 minimum)
  • Tracklist
  • Social Media Links
  • Soundcloud and Youtube Links (HTML Codes are welcome)

The artist, manager or any other representative is required to send the above files via WeTransfer (DO NOT attached any files to our email) to editor@stundar.co.za

Please note that we may edit the bio/press release for any grammatical errors before publishing.

Should we publish your works, you be will notified via email beforehand.

Note: We do not charge for artist features. But should your project not meet the above requirements, we won’t publish it.