Stundar has been creating free online content for aspiring and Independent musicians since November 2019.

We have grown from 0 to over 95 000 visitors since then and the numbers keep going up daily.

Do you have a brand or related business that you want to promote? If so you can take advantage of our online advertising packages below and get exposed to thousands of visitors per month at a fraction of traditional advertising costs.

But wait before you consider taking up our offer; please have a look at our website stats (at the time of publishing).

Website Statistics:

  • Pageviews: Over 100K
  • Monthly Page Views/Visitors: Over 4K

Advertising Packages Offered:

Platinum Package:

  • 1 x Banner on the top of the home page
  • 1 x Flyer on the sidebar
  • 2 x Flyers on high traffic pages

Gold Package:

  • 1 x banner on top of the home page
  • 1x Flyer on the sidebar
  • 1 x Flyer on a high traffic

Silver Package:

  • 1 Flyer on the sidebar
  • 1 x Flyer on a high traffic page

Bronze Package:

  • 1 x Flyer on a high traffic page

The minimum placement per Ad on our site is 7 days.

Clients are responsible for providing the completed artwork in the required formats and sizes.

For Advertising space, please contact us on or  and we will provide you with the detailed PDF document which includes rates.